Home Inspections

What can you expect during your home inspection?


If able to walk the roof safely, we will climb and inspect the roof structure and coverings. If the pitch is too steep, we have drones with 4k imaging to capture hard to reach places that are not safely accessible. All shingles, flashings, gutter systems, and chimneys will be evaluated.

We will inspect the home’s landscape, grading, driveways, walkways, windows, drainage, stairways, carports, garages, the home’s grading, landscape, exterior building envelope, siding, balconies, patios/porches, and decks.


We will crawl throughout your attic space to assess for moisture intrusion, insulation type and depth, roof framing structures as well at the ventilation status of the attic space.
Living spaces:
Walls, doors, floors, flooring insulation and ceilings are visibly examined and then scanned with thermal imaging to detect hidden anomalies not visible to the human eye. We also open and inspect every window in the home. The flooring material and insulation will be assessed.

Plumbing systems:
Will be tested to evaluate for safety concerns. All plumbing systems are activated to assess for deficiencies, such as leaks and water pressure. Sinks are turned on and water temperatures are tested using a thermal imaging camera. All toilets will be assessed and flushed. We will examine the main water line, waste line, gas lines, and supply lines. The home’s hot water heater will also be evaluated.

Electrical systems:
Will be checked for safety hazards. Service panels are opened, all light fixtures and vent systems are turned on, every outlet is tested. We will assess wiring methods, electrical service conductors, appropriate breaker sizing, grounding & bonding. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are evaluated and tested.

Heating systems:
The heating system will opened, turned on, assessed for functionality. Distribution systems, thermostat and venting of the heating system is assessed. Functional use is confirmed with thermal imaging cameras.
Air conditioning systems:
AC systems, distribution systems, and functionality of the air conditioning system is all checked to ensure the system is able to cool the supplied areas.
Foundation/crawl space:
Checked for previous structural movement, water infiltration, type/material.

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